Hooray for the Ladies!
A Celebration of Women in American Music

Disc 1
1. Ensemble, Ulmer Happy Birthday
2. Berg, Ulmer Mary Had a Little Lamb
3. Lanier, Ensemble, Ulmer A-Tisket, A-Tisket
4. King, Lanier Rock-a-bye, Baby
5. Sears, Ensemble, Conner Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
6. Lanier, Sosman, King Five Half-Minute Songs
7. Ulmer
8. King, Ulmer, Sosman, narrator Three 4-Hand Piano Pieces (Beach)
9-10. Lanier, Ulmer Regrets
11. Ulmer The Name's Revere
12. Lanier, Sosman, Borg, King Juanita
13-14. King, Lanier The Blue Juniata
15-16. Borg, Ulmer Sweet Betsy from Pike
17. Sosman, Borg, Ulmer I Ride an Old Paint
18-19. Lanier, Ulmer Bucking Bronco
20. Lanier, Ulmer Billy the Kid
21. Lanier, Sosman, Ensemble, Ulmer Happy Trails to You
22. Lanier, Ulmer I'll Marry No Man if He Drinks
23-24. Ulmer Pickles and Peppers
25. Lanier, Ensemble, Borg, King Our Dear New England Boys
26. Sosman, Ensemble, Borg, King The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Disc 2
1. King Homage
2. Ulmer Billie's Song
3. Lanier, Ulmer God Bless the Child
4. King, Sosman De Las' Long Res'
5-6. King Troubled Water
7. King Walkin' and Swingin'
8. Lanier, Ulmer Willow, Weep for Me
9-10. Ulmer American Nocturne
11. Lanier, Ensemble, Ulmer Hello, Ma Baby
12. King, Sosman, Ensemble Sweet Rosie O'Grady
13. Sears, Conner Fine and Dandy
14. Lanier, Sosman, Ulmer A Fine Romance
15-16. Lanier, Sosman, Ensemble, Ulmer Once Upon a Mattress Medley
17. Ensemble, Conner You Oughta Be in Pictures

Christopher Borg, viola;
Fredericka King, piano;
Mary Ann Lanier, voice;
Eric Sosman, voice;
Margaret Ulmer, piano;
Bradford Conner, voice, piano;
Benjamin Sears, voice

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