Members and Officers (2006-2007)

Dance instructor: Joh Camara
President: Seyram Avle '07
Co-President: Fatumo Guled '07
ICC Rep: Tanya Fredman '08
Executive Officer: Rachel Landauer '08
Drummers: David Guerette '08
Ethan Pransky '07
Roster (in no particular order):
Julie Miller
Yaeli Bronstein
Dominique Dupont-Dubois
Natalie Johnson
Dope Teko
Hana Akselrod
Jess Kent
Ilya Okunev
Julian Taub
Wlaa Sbeit
Angela Barnett-Penn
Aduei Riak
Samantha Glover
Camille Stevens-Rumann
Maniola Sejrani
Samar Hassan
Vanessa Leon
To be continued... as time permits.
***Our mailing list is 100+ and active members (those who regularly show up to more than 1/2 of the classes) are about a forth of that.