Practice Routine

The African Dance Club incorporates dance steps and body motions from various traditional African styles. However, we focus particularly on a West African art form that uses the music of the Djembe.

Our classes typically begin with ten minutes of warm-up and stretching exercise. Dancers dress comfortably and dancing barefoot is optional. A typical session (with an instructor) entails the instructor teaching the dance troupe a series of steps, and then having the dancers repeat this routine while the instructor and/or drummers drums on. If there is an upcoming event, we hold regular practise sessions where we plan for wordrobe, work on choreography, and rehearse their dance routine.

Because the dance steps are often cued by and closely coordinated with the rhythm of the music, the club emphasizes on the use of traditional African musical instruments, mostly the Djembe and sometimes the Dunun.

Traditionally, drums in many African cultures symbolize a way of communicating among villages and as a way for calling down the Spirits.
While each culture has their unique style, music and dance are not only central to the African heritage, but also vibrantly practiced in the celebrations of daily life, offering to spirits, and special occasions like rite of passage.