BUS 160a Competitive Strategy
This course teaches students the basic principles of competitive and corporate strategy, focusing mostly on the business models and competitive dynamics in technology companies. The course also examines strategy in entrepreneurial firms, in two-sided platforms, and competition among firms that rely on social strategy. Additional topics covered include corporate diversification, M&As in technology companies, and strategy in sports.
BUS 249f Immersion experience
This course will allow students to examine to understand the basic the challenges and opportunities of doing business in emerging markets, in particular in Panama and Colombia. The second objective of the course is to give students a hands-off consulting experience with real clients from these markets. Therefore, the course is focused on teaching students how to act professionally and put together professional consulting projects.
BUS 265a Business Stragegy in Emerging Markets
This course will allow students to examine the challenges and opportunities of doing business in emerging markets using simple frameworks and tools developed at Harvard Business School. Students will use such frameworks to think about the design and execution of successful strategies in emerging and frontier markets. The course teaches students how to analyze the macroeconomic and political environment to then execute successful strategies in this markets. Most of the focus is on developing strategies for entrepreneurial ventures.


GEM 1051 Globalization and Emerging Markets
The course focuses on three interrelated modules that affect growth and business opportunities in emerging markets. First, the course provides a basic framework to understand the development strategies and sources of competitiveness in emerging markets. Second, the course looks at the kind of strategies that succeed when investing and doing business in or with emerging markets. Finally, the third module looks at business-government relations in three different ways. The module begins by looking at the rising challenge of developing successful strategies in systems in which corruption is pervasive. Second, we look at the importance of state-owned enterprises in emerging markets and the possible risks and business opportunities that they may bring. Finally, the module includes a series of cases that examine strategies for companies and investors to help them overcome expropriation risk.