Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience

Junction 2009

Abby Noyce, anoyce (at) brandeis (dot) edu


An interesting interview with Janet Stemwedel on ethics in science, particularly animal research.

Setting the foundation

1 July: Slides

2 July: Slides

6 July: Reading - Neuroimaging: Separating the promise from the pipe dreams. Slides.

Vision and object recognition

7 July: Slides.

8 July: Reading from How the Mind Works. Illusion Sciences website. Slides.

Attention, working memory, executive control

9 July: Reading - "Magic and the Brain". Slides.

13 July: Reading - "Informing the ADHD Debate". Slides.

Cognition-Enhancing Doses of Methylphenidate Preferentially Increase Prefrontal Cortex Neuronal Responsiveness (journal article for the week). The intro without encoding issues.

14 July: Slides.

Learning and long-term memory

15 July: Slides.

16 July: Reading from An Anatomy of Thought. Slides.

20 July: Reading - "Alzheimer's Disease" (from the NY Times). Slides.

Audition and language

22 July: Slides.

23 July: Slides.

27 July: Reading from Proust and the Squid. Slides.

Nifty Odds and Ends

28 July: Slides.

29 July: Reading from The Math Gene.

3 August: Further reading/viewing, if you're interested in the music theory side of things. World Science Festival Notes and Neurons video.

5 August: Jill Bolte Taylor on her stroke.