Personal Stuff

Brief Geographical Biography : I was born in Madras then spent the first 6 years of my life in New Delhi. Moved back to Mardas and then to Coimbatore, with my schooling primarily spread over these two cities. Went to Pondicherry for college and then to Gainesville, Florida, USA for grad school. Am currently post-docing at Syracuse.
Family : My dad mom and brother. This picture is from 2004. We are all older and wiser now. My parents live in Madras. My brother is currently in grad school in Ann Arbor, an applied-mathematician-to-be.


Music I am listening to : Infrequently updated folder. The music is all Indian, mostly A R Rahman and definitely not for everyone.
What you are listening to you now : This song is a childhood favorite, remixed and resung and I just love the way the guy says "dhothi phaad ke rumaal ho gaya"!:)