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The Constitution was last updated on September 3, 2010.  To download and print the Constitution, the file is located at the bottom of this page.

Brandeis Aviation Club

Last modified: September 3, 2010

  1. Purpose and Methods of Realizing Said Objectives
    1. The purpose of the Brandeis Aviation Club (hereafter, “the Club”) is to introduce students to the excitement and joy of flying by providing students with the means to experience flight firsthand.
    2. The Club intends to achieve its purpose by organizing trips for students to take introductory flights with certified flight instructors at a flight school at a local airport.
    3. The Club intends to serve as a resource to any student who wishes to pursue an interest in aviation.
  2. Membership
    1. The club shall have two definitions of members, active and inactive.
    2. Active membership:
      1. An active member is any Brandeis student who is subscribed to the Club’s listserv and has met any one of the following criteria:
        1. Has flown with the Club in the past
        2. Has signed up to fly with the club in the future
        3. Has attended a Club meeting in the current academic year
      2. Active members are required to be subscribed to the Club’s listserv.
      3. Membership is valid so long as the student adheres to the policies and property of the Club, as well as those of the flight school and airport, in a reasonable fashion as determined by the Club Officers.
    3. An inactive member is any Brandeis student who is a member of the Club’s listserv but has not met the criteria for active membership stipulated in Section b1 of this Article.
    4. Only active members may run for Officer positions and vote in club elections.
  3. Officers
    1. The Club shall have four Officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
    2. The President shall:
      1. Be ultimately responsible for the success of the club and all of its decisions.
      2. Make bookings with the flight school for club members.
      3. Serve as financial liaison between the Club and the flight school.
      4. Work closely with the Treasurer on financial matters.
      5. Be responsible for overall club cohesiveness.
      6. Lead all club meetings and events.
      7. Familiarize himself with the procedures of the Student Union as outlined in the Student Union Club Leader Guidebook.
      8. Perform or delegate the duties of any other Officer who becomes unable to perform them until that Officer returns or a new Officer is elected.
      9. Train the President who will succeed him.
    3. The Vice President shall:
      1. Plan Club events besides scheduling student flights, including booking room locations if needed.
      2. Publicize the Club to the Brandeis community.
      3. Work to increase club membership and to increase current Club members' participation in Club activities.
      4. Work closely with the Student Union as needed.
      5. Perform the President’s duties should the President become unable to perform them until the President returns or a new President is elected.
      6. Train the Vice President who will succeed him.
    4. The Treasurer shall:
      1. Serve as financial liaison between the Club and the Student Union, and between the Club and Brandeis University where applicable.
      2. Work closely with the Student Union Finance Board and Student Union Treasurer on behalf of the Club.
      3. Be responsible for the completion of all of the Club’s financial paperwork and the Club’s requirements with Treasurer's Office.
      4. Familiarize himself with the procedures of the Student Union Finance Board.
      5. Work closely with the President on financial matters, especially those regarding the flight school.
      6. Train the Treasurer who will succeed him.
    5. The Secretary shall:
      1. Be responsible for all correspondence with Club members and serve as liaison between the Officers and the Club members.
      2. Own the Club e-mail address and respond to e-mails sent to that e-mail address by Club members in a timely fashion.
      3. Maintain and facilitate communication among Officers.
      4. Coordinate scheduling for Officers’ meetings.
      5. Assist the President and Vice President with their tasks as requested.
      6. Maintain a list of active and inactive members.
      7. Train the Treasurer who will succeed him.
    6. All four Officers shall:
      1. Be jointly responsible for managing the flight signup system and coordinating flight trips with Club members.
      2. Co-manage the Club website.
  4. Election of Officers
    1. Election of Officers will take place within the last month of the Spring semester each academic year.
    2. Officers will be elected by simple majority of Club members present and voting.
    3. Elections for Officers will not be held simultaneously but rather in succession (in the order of their listing in Article III) so that a student who loses one election may run again.
  5. Meetings
    1. The President shall call at least one informational session and one Club meeting per semester. Attending an informational session does not count toward active membership.
    2. There is no minimum or maximum number for Officers’ meetings.
  6. Constitution and Amendments
    1. The Club’s Constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of active members.
    2. Amendments shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of active members.
    3. An updated Constitution shall be sent to the Club Resource Coordinator any time an amendment is passed.
  7. Statement of Nonexclusivity
    1. The Club is open to all members of the Brandeis community, regardless of aviation knowledge or experience.
    2. The Club does not discriminate against members on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, sexual preference, veteran status, class, age, nationality, or physical ability.

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