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Flying Schedule

The Spreadsheet below contains a schedule of upcoming flights.  There are 3 tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, but only the first one ("Upcoming Flights") is importance to you.  The "Flight Booked?" tab tells you if your reservation has been made with the flight school (in which case, you know your reservation is all set!).  The last two tabs found on the schedule are for our record-keeping of those who previously flew.

Reservations that are already booked with the flight school are very hard to change.  If you need to cancel for any reason, you MUST give us NO LESS than 48 hours notice.  We will try to fill your reservation with another student wanting to fly, but if we cannot do so, you may be charged a cancellation fee as assessed by the flight school (as stated in the Agreement Form you signed).

Reservations that have not yet been booked with the flight school were most likely not booked because we are still waiting to receive confirmations from everyone in your carpool group.  We don't want to have to change bookings with the flight school unless absolutely necessary, so this way we hear back from you first and then make the appointments.  In order to do so in a timely manner, it is really important that you let us know ASAP if you are available or not.  Any reservation that has not been confirmed by you is subject to change, so you will hold your reservation only once we hear back from you.  If you are unsure for the time being, we must be notified of that as well, and we will hold the time-slot for you for as long as possible.  Any reservations that have not been confirmed at least 72 hours before the flight will be automatically canceled.

Once you find your name on the Spreadsheet, you MUST contact your driver (if you are a passenger) or passengers (if you are the driver) to arrange a pickup time and location on campus.  Your names are arranged in the Spreadsheet according to your reservation time and carpool group, so please find the contact information of your driver or passengers.

You and your driver/passengers (listed for your specific time slot) and you should coordinate to arrange a convenient pickup time and location on campus.  Remember that you should be leaving campus 30-45 minutes before your appointment time.  Please allow for traffic and varying amounts of travel time: if you will be driving during rush-hour or a busy time of day, you must leave extra time.

Directions (both to and from Hanscom Field) can be found under the "Map/Directions" tab.  Be sure you are familiar with them (or have a copy printed) before you leave campus.

Flying Schedule & Bookings

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