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End of Spring 2011 Semester Flying!

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   Jonathan Berkman

   Brian Fromm

   Rachael Diament

   Kayley Wolf


"Wow.  It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  Eric, my flight instructor, was all about making it a fun experience and giving me the opportunity to have pretty much complete control of the plane almost the entire time.  He let me taxi, take off, do the ascent, make turns, and then do the landing (he adjusted about 10 feet off the ground to make the actual touchdown).  This just reaffirmed that I want to eventually get my pilot's license. Now I just need to find the 7-12 grand he told me it would cost... Thanks so much Aviation Club for giving me this great opportunity!"
        ~ Jeremy Frisch ('10)

"Totally awesome and I really want to get my license... let's go again!"
        ~ Justin Duncombe ('11)

"Unbelievably awesome!  Everyone should get an opportunity to fly at least once in a lifetime!"
        ~ Sean Fullerton ('10)

"Coolest club ever!  The instructors were kind, open to answering questions and willing to let you fly the majority of the time.  Join the Aviation Club! Special thanks to Matt, Brian, Jonathan and the whole E-board for putting this thing together.  All in all, I'd say this was an Uplifting experience for me."
        ~ Rocky Reichman ('13)

"Flying was a blast!  Everybody should take advantage of this great opportunity.  Thanks Aviation Club!!!!"
        ~ Ayelet Nussbaum ('11)

        ~ Danielle Myers ('12)

*We would love to hear from you!  Please email us ( or leave a comment on our Facebook group wall... thanks in advance!

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