Brandeis Women's Ultimate: Schedule

Spring 2005:

Winter schedule: Mon/Wed Conditioning 7-8pm, Thurs Indoor practice 9:30pm-12am, Sunday outdoor practice 11:30am-1pm

1. Banshee vs. Tron Beerpong Tourney (March 4)
2. Huck of the Irish--Towson U, MD (March 12-13)
3. Layout Pigout--Haverford, PA (March 26-27) <<or potential home one-day indoor tourney>>
4. Yale Cup--Yale U., CT (April 9-10)
5. Sectionals--MA somewhere (April 16-17)
6. Regionals--Yeah, we can get to Regionals this year (Two weeks after sectionals

Bake sale in Usdan (March 2nd)