Brandeis Women's Ultimate

Short history:

In August 2002, 7-8 girls were chillin. One girl thought, "What can we do in this amazing weather other than have a party?" Another girl responded, "We should start a Women's Ultimate Frisbee team here!" Two players from the men's team, Smokey and Ari, coached the new team.

Now, Banshee is in its third year and thriving. We have a coach, Peri, who plays for Lady Godiva in the club season. We play in the spirit of the game. We get the disc out of the danger zone. We leaf each other. Want to know what this means? Want to be one of us? Join Us!

Disclaimer: Banshee is not responsible for any disquieting information or photography. This is an informative website to let everyone know about Banshee.

Last updated: 2005 January 22