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Sunday, February 18, 2018

BBR Officers

The BBR has four officers: a president, who is in charge of club property and organizes meetings; a treasurer, who handles club funds; a director of public relations, who deals with publicity and events; and a secretary-general, who takes attendance and meeting notes. In addition, we sometimes appoint extra honorary officerships, which are not elected positions and as such do not have an exective board vote and are not listed in the Constitution.

Elected officers

President: Matt Sachs '06
Matt Sachs
Vice President: Oberon Faelord (aka David Durschlag '05)
David Durschlag
Director of Public Relations: Viktoriya Fuzaylova '05
Viktoriya Fuzaylova
Treasurer: Greer Hauptman '05
Greer Hauptman

Honorary officers

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