Meet the Board

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Kira A. Herskovitz

Jack-of-All-Trades and Publicity
Kira,a junior from Maryland, is obsessed with art. She's an intern at the Rose, a Fine Arts UDR, coordinator for the Festival of the Arts, and of course a BCAC board member. She's an Art History Major and a NEJS minor and she likes big butts and she cannot lie.

Sarah E. Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan, secretary of BCAC, sophomore International and Global Studies major and Journalism minor from Houston, Texas.

Laurinda Uang

Laurinda, class of 2006, is a double major in Politics and Economics, with a triple minor in International and Global Studies, Legal Studies, and Spanish Language and Literature. She is also on the board of Brandeis Comic Book Club, an avid member of the Brandeis Culinary Arts Club, a tutor for the Waltham Group, a dancer in Adagio, and also is a member of BAASA, SEAC, and a few others. She has very little free time but she enjoys music, books, and Adult Swim whenever she can sneak it in.

Kai J. Kadoich

BCAC President
Kai, a sophomore, comes all the way from majestic Las Vegas. He is pursuing majors in European Cultural Studies, International and Global Studies, and English, with minors in Art History and Classics. In his free time, Kai enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar, reading, and also participates in a variety of other extracurricular activities at Brandeis such as competing in Quiz Bowl and giving tours for the Admissions office. Perhaps someday he will figure out what he wants to do with his life but for now graduate school seems to be in the cards, but for after that, he's considering everything from diplomacy to academia. Kai is currently studying abroad in Barcelona and Tokyo for the duration of the 2004-2005 school year.

Other Board Members
Heather C. Catherwood - Treasurer
Abby R. Katz - Events Coordinator
Mai Le - Member
Len Pader - Member
Rachel Levin - Member

Joshua Simmons

BCAC Webmaster
Joshua has been devoted to the arts for a long time, as both an actor, director, makeup artist, you name it... He originally comes from the island of Hawai'i in the State of Hawai'i, and yes you can stay with him. When he is not working with BCAC, he is working as a member of Hillel Theatre Group's Executive Board, and acting as webmaster for:
  1. Undergraduate Theatre Collective
  2. Hillel Theatre Group
  3. Triskellion
In his spare time he likes to sing loundly in his room, and practice his digital photography...

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