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2012 Events

Level Latin Standard Rhythm Smooth
Newcomer C, R W, T C, R F, W
Bronze C, R, Sa W, T, QS C, R, Sw F, W, T
Silver C/R, Sa/J W/QS, T/F C/R, Sw, M F/W, T
Gold C/R/Sa/J, PD W/T/QS/F, VW C/R/Sw/M, B F/W, T/VW
Open~ C/R/Sa/J/PD W/T/QS/F/VW C/R/Sw/M/B F/W/T/VW

  • N.B.: the Brandeis Ballroom Dance Team reserves the right to cancel any events with 2 or fewer registered couples. If a cancelled event is a competitor's only event, their registration fee will be refunded.

  • Dance For the Cure Fundraising events!

    This year at the Northeast Collegiate DanceSport Challenge, help support the AdMeTech foundation's efforts to fight prostate cancer!

    In conjunction with MASSabda, we will be offering an open-to-all(registered competitors and spectators!) category, the proceeds of which will be donated to AdMeTech.

    DFTC events will be: Salsa and Foxtrot

  • Both events will be open to anyone wishing to participate
  • You do NOT have to be registered as a competitor otherwise in the competition.
  • Registration for the events will be $5/person.
  • Registration will be open until 30 minutes prior to the event.
  • To pre-register, or with any questions, please email

  • Fun Dance Competitions!

    This year's fun dances will include:

    Strip tease themed Viennese Waltz
    Blindfolded follower Cha Cha
    Rumba 3some
    Macarena themed Samba

  • No prior knowledge of dances required.
  • All ages welcome.
  • Dancers do not have to be registered as competitors in the competition to participate in fun dance events - Spectators are welcome to participate!
  • Lifts are expressly prohibited & all other general rules still apply.

  • Judging Criteria for Fun Dances:

  • Musicality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Footwork/Technique
  • Entertainment Value