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Need a costume? Here's how we can help. Below is a selection of costumes available for borrowing from the team, as well as some guidelines.

Borrowing Policy: Costume pieces will be loaned out to any active member of the team under the following conditions:

  • Costumes must be returned in similar condition as when they were lent out.
  • Costume pieces borrowed for competition must be returned within 5 days after the competition.
  • Exception: Team members competing in two consecutive competitions that are two weeks or less apart may return the costume piece after the second competition.
  • Borrowers agree to reimburse the team for any ruined costume pieces. If the costume was new, borrower will pay full price. If the costume had been borrowed before, borrower will pay full price less $10.

  • If you would like to borrow one of the team costume pieces, please e-mail Charlotte Guiney at least a week in advance.

    Team Costumes

  • Standard Skirt, black only, sizes S,M,L

  • Latin Skirt, built-in dance pants, sizes S,M,L

  • Latin Skirt, in red, blue, or tan

  • Latin Skirt, blue or red, sizes S,M,L

  • Other Supplies

  • Shoe brushes: used to clean soles of shoes. Available upon request.
  • Heel taps: necessary for all competitions. Available to competitive female dancers.
  • Dance shoes: donated barely used flesh-color.

  • For Sale:

    Red Spandex Dress

    If you are interested in the dress below, please contact Julia Mints