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In order to participate in lessons offered at Supershag, team members must commit to attending each lesson. This will ensure each dancer’s ability to keep up with the progress of the class. You are encouraged to "shop" all lessons at the start of each term as detailed in the Team Manual.

Fall 2012 Schedule

On Campus

  • Newcomer TBA

  • Supershag

  • Bronze Latin TBA
  • Bronze Standard TBA
  • Silver Latin TBA
  • ilver Standard TBA
  • Formation TBA

  • Supershag is located at 406 Moody St. If you are taking the BranVan to lessons, ask to be dropped off at Lizzie's. Supershag is across the street, and up a little. It is a clear doorway, leading to a staircase, in between a clothing shop and a furniture store. Look for the black/grey/white tiles.