Advanced Calculus (MATH 35A) - Spring 2012

Instructor: Prof. Olivier Bernardi - Goldsmith 301 -

Book: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems by Brown (8th edition).

Classes are held 10am-10.50am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Goldsmith 300.

Office hours are held 1pm-2.20pm on Mondays and 2.30-4pm on Thursdays in Goldsmith 301.

Goals: Math 35 (advanced calculus) is a course designed for math, science, and economics majors, and all students interested in engineering or the applications of mathematics. We shall focus on Fourier series and the Fourier integral, with applications to solving boundary value problems for the most simple differential equations of heat and wave motion, which are basic in science.

Grading Policy: The grade will be based at 50% on the weekly homework assignments and at 50% on three 1-hour quizzes (50/3% each).

Homework: The assignments will be posted on Latte.