Bang, Bang, You’re Dead
by William Mastrosimone
Josh wakes up to voices taunting him in the dark.  When the lights come up, we see the five deceased surrounding him. We delve into the events of the previous day, the day that Josh brought a 12-guage rifle to school and murdered five of his classmates.  We discover Josh’s feelings on the matter; the deceased force him into his past, to the fights he’s had with his parents, the problems he’s had with his girlfriend; they force him to remember his first hunting trip with his grandpa, and the first time that he wanted to hurt.  They show him the future, what’s in store for him.
           The final show of the BET season provided a venue for healing. Planned for the anniversary of Virginia Tech, the show unfortunately became all the more relevant in the months after events at Northern Illinois University.
            We ended the season with a memorial that neither asked the audience to judge or to mourn. Rather, we invited the audience to reflect and remember.
April 15-16 2008
Shapiro Theater
Produced by Becca Freifeld
Directed by Brian Melcher
Stage Managed by Marianna Faynshteyn
The Ensemble
The Deceased
Tony Rios ‘11
Sarah Jacobs ‘09
Suri Ellerton ’10
Lynda Bachman ’10
Amy Thompson ‘11
And Alex D’Anjou ’08 as Josh
Alex D’Anjou and The Deceased
Tony Rios
Amy Thompson
Sarah Jacobs, Lynda Bachman, Alex D’Anjou, Amy Thompson, Suri Ellerton and Tony Rios