The Belle’s Nightmare
For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls and The Actor’s Nightmare
by Christopher Durang
The First show of the 2007-2008 season boasted a cast consisting mostly of freshmen. Using the creative and often complex humor of Christopher Durang, BET explored the alternative realities of the domestic drama and great plays of the theatre history.
This show was conceived of as a showcase of incoming freshman talent. Utilizing the ensemble’s knowledge of Meisner Technique, Suzuki and Improvisation, The Belle’s Nightmare combined classroom style practical actor training with the opportunity to use these new skills in the context of a full production.
Nov 1-4 2007
Shapiro Theatre
Produced by
Sam Negin ‘08 and Alison Luntz ‘09
Directed by
Kenny Fuentes ‘08 and Adam Hughes ‘11
Stage Managed by
Jen Diakun ‘09
The Ensemble
David Mandel ‘11
Tony Rios ‘11
Michelle Miller ‘11
Adra Horn ‘09
Dana Padgett ‘08
Adra Horn, Tony Rios and David Mandel
Michelle Miller and David Mandel
Adra Horn and David Mandel
Dana Padgett, David Mandel and Michelle Miller