by Eric Bogosian
            Burnfield. A suburb outside of a major American city. Every night, night Jeff, Sooze, Buff, Bee-bee and Tim convene to drink, joke and loiter in front of the local convenience store. Much to the disdain of the Pakistani store clerks, Norman and Pakeesha Chaudry, they appear like clockwork in the same ceremonial spot, seemingly never to leave.
            Tonight will be different, as an old friend makes a grand return barely a year after leaving Burnfield to break into the music industry. Pony returns to visit his old stomping grounds, just as the tensions are bubbling. The group is torn between those who long for change, those who reject change and those who are merely trying not to fall into the abyss.
            This is not the story of Burnfeild. This is the story of America.
March 13-16 2008
Shapiro Theater
Produced by Whitney Gray
Directed by Kenny Fuentes
Stage Managed by Becca Freifeld
Assistant Directed by Allison Luntz
The Ensemble
Jeff - Eric Engelstein ‘10
Buff - Tony Rios ‘11
Tim - Ernest Paulin ‘09
Pony - Brian Melcher ‘10
Sooze - Sarah Jacobs ‘09
Erica - Rachel Kurnos ‘08
Bee-Bee - Sophie Sinclair ‘09
Pakeeza - Roopa Modha ‘08
Norman - Dimitri Papadimitriou ‘09
Tony Rios and Eric Englestein
Sophie Sinclair
Ernest Paulin
Dimitri Papadimitriou, Ernest Paulin, Roopa Modha, Eric Englestein, Sarah Jacobs and Sophie Sinclair