Dotan Horowitz and Leah Carnow in Quickies 2008, "Pomegranate"

Our Purpose:
BET was founded to create small scale, alternative theatre. Since 1990, BET has expanded to producing full scale and main stage productions, but our project drive remains our defining characteristic. Members are encouraged to take initiative and propose new projects of all sorts. Any Brandeis undergraduate, member of non-member, may conceive and propose a project to BET. Please contact the E-Board with any questions, ideas or even just to chat about theatre.
A BET project may be staged readings, classes, workshops, one act shows, student written shows, dance based performance and all other possible forms of theatre.
How to: A BET Guide to Proposals and Membership
Designers and Techies: Contact E-Board to learn how to get involved
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"The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting."


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