A.    Each semester, the BET mainstage show shall be selected by a vote of the active membership.
B.    Any person or persons wishing to mount a production under the flag of BET, with the financial support of BET and the use of BET’s mainstage slot, shall write a proposal, including the following things:
1.    the title and author of the show.
2.    the proposed director, producer, and stage manager
3.    a character breakdown including number of characters, male/female divisions, and character descriptions.
4.    a proposed budget
5.    a short synopsis
6.    a paragraph describing why the show is appropriate for the UTC mainstage space.
7.    a paragraph describing why the show is appropriate for BET’s Ensemble and/or Experimental nature.
C.    Any and all proposals must be presented to the Executive Board one week before the proposal meeting, which shall be scheduled at the end of each semester. The Board shall then make these proposals available for the general membership.
1.    Should the need arise, the Executive Board may dispense with these requirements.
D.    At the proposal meeting, a representative from each proposal shall make a short statement, focusing on those items pertinent to the group’s choice that are not written in the proposal.
E.    A short question and answer period shall follow the statements.
F.    Following the question and answer period, each active member shall cast one vote. Any active member holding a proxy may cast two votes.
G.    The following shall be considered valid votes: the name of one of the shows proposed, Abstain, and No Show.
1.    An “Abstain” vote indicates that the member has no preference as to which proposal is approved.
2.    A “No Show” vote indicates that the member thinks it would be better for BET to mount no mainstage production in the following semester, rather than any of the proposed productions.
H.    Following the vote, the previously determined counters shall tally the votes:
1.    If one show receives 50% plus one of the total number of votes cast, that show shall be considered passed.
2.    If  50% plus one of the total votes cast are for “No Show”, no show will be approved for the following semester. Should this occur, a meeting shall be held early in the following semester to consider new proposals.
I.    If no majority is found after the first vote, a second round of question and answers shall commence. Immediately following, a second round of voting will be conducted.
1.    In the second round of voting, the proposal receiving the most votes will pass.
2.    If “No Show” receives more votes than any proposal, no show will be approved for the following semester. Should this occur, a meeting shall be held early in the following semester to consider new proposals.
3.    In the event of a tie, the vote counters shall break the tie in any way the deem appropriate.
J.    Should the need arise, it is within the BET Executive Board’s discretion to alter these rules in any fair and just way they deem appropriate.
Proposing Mainstage
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