A.    BET is open to all members of the Brandeis Community regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual preference, class, age, nationality, use of funky chew toys, or disability. We encourage all interested persons to get involved.
B.    To vote for BET proposals, constitutional amendments, or in Executive Board elections or resignations, a person must be an active member.
C.    To become a member, an undergraduate student must attend two BET meetings in one 12 month period OR have significant involvement in a BET production as defined below, OR, be ruled by the BET Executive Board to have made substantial contributions to the club.
1.    “Significant Involvement” is defined as being a member of the cast, crew, or production staff.
2.    “BET production” is defined as any mainstage production or project.
3.    If an undergraduate chooses to pursue membership by attending two BET meetings, the student is deemed to be a voting member at the beginning of his or her third meeting.
D.    If a member does not have significant involvement in a BET production OR attend a BET meeting in a 12 month period, that member is deemed to be an inactive member.
E.    To regain active membership, an inactive member may attend one meeting or have significant involvement in a BET production.
F.    All decisions as to the status of a member shall be made by the BET Executive Board.
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