A.    BET seeks to foster all forms of experimental and ensemble theater. This includes theater projects that are not suitable for a mainstage production.
B.    In the event that a Brandeis undergraduate should want to propose a project, he/she should consult the BET Executive Board. The Board shall arrange for discussion of the project at a BET meeting, and, once appropriate development has occurred, ask those in charge of the project to draft a proposal. Project proposals shall include:
1.    A description of the project
2.    A rough budget including the amount of money requested
from the club
3.    A proposed venue for the project
C.    Once the proposal is drafted and presented the BET Executive Board, the Board shall arrange for a vote.
4.    A brief statement by those proposing will be following by a brief question and answer session.
5.    Following the question and answer session, a vote will be held. Voting options include: Approve, Approve as Part of a Festival of Shorter Works, Reject, and Abstain. The BET Executive Board shall limit or expand these options as they deem necessary.
a.    “Approve” indicates support of the project as proposed.
b.    “Approve as Part of a Festival of Shorter Works” indicates support of the project as a part of an Evening of Short Plays.
c.    “Reject” indicates that the voter thinks the project is not currently in the best interest of BET.
d.    “Abstain” indicates that the voter has no preference.
6.    Should the number of “Approve” or “Approve as Part of a Festival of Shorter Works” votes equal 50% plus one of the votes cast, the proposal is considered passed. A run-off may be conducted to determine the project’s status, should the BET Executive Board deem it necessary.
D.    Once a project is approved, the project coordinator is responsible for giving regular updates to both the Executive Board and the General Membership, on such interval as decided by the Executive Board
Proposing Projects
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