365 Days/365 PLays
By Suzan Lori-Parks "On November 13, 2002, SUZAN-LORI PARKS got an idea to write a play a day for a year. She began that very day, finishing one year later. The resulting play cycle, called 365 Days/365Plays, is a daily meditation on an artistic life. Some plays are very short, less than a page. Others last forever."

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The closing show of BET’s 2006-2007 season served as an exploration of ensemble, location, and textual interpretation: the main core group of six actors experimented with interpreting and reinterpreting the text based on different combinations of actors playing the roles in the context of various location limitations. 365 expanded the accepted boundaries of theater by ignoring the clichés and presenting unique pieces of theater in engaging, interactive, and visually pleasing ways.
At The Rose Art Museum
Laura Lorand and The Ensemble
At The Rose Art Museum
April 23 2007-April 29 2007
Various Locations

Produced by Michael Carnow
Directed by Kate Nadworny
Stage Managed by Cassie Seinuk

The Ensemble

Erika Geller ‘09
Eric Pesale ‘10
Laura Lorand ‘09
David Brown ‘09
Zohar Fuller ‘10
Alex Fleming ‘09
David Pepose ‘08
Hannah Kaplan ‘10
Beck Holden ‘08
Lauren Elias ‘10

Eric Pesale and The Ensemble
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