A Devil Inside
By David Lindsay-Abaire The fourth show of BET’s 2006-2007 season combined the high brow with the low brow, the dark with the light and the abstract with the emotional. The story follows six individuals; all connected to a brutal murder of a bearded, fat man, fourteen years earlier in the Poconos. None are aware of their exact connection, but all cross paths as the puzzle slowly comes together in a bewildering set of circumstances disturbingly similar to those of novels by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky…
Combining the comedic absurdist style of David Lindsay-Abaire’s early work with the straightforward, ensemble based naturalism of the cast, A Devil Inside rejected the notion of comedy as spectacle, of drama without laughter, with a show that answered the question: “How would we really act if our lives were thrown into epic circumstances akin to those of the great classic novels and stories of history?” 
Erika Geller and Aaron Arbiter
Catherine Wagner and Michael Carnow
Michael Carnow and Erika Geller
March 8th 2007- March 11th 2007
Shapiro Theater

Produced by Suri Ellerton
Directed by Kenny Fuentes
Stage Managed by Hannah Kaplan


Michael Carnow ’07 – Gene Slater
Erika Geller ’09 – Caitlin Boyd
Josh Mervis ’08 – Brad
Cat Wagner ’09 – Mrs. Slater
Aaron Arbiter ’10 – Carl Raymonds
Sarah Jacobs ’09 – Lilly
Sarah Jacobs and Catherine Wagner Catherine Wagner, Josh Mervis and Aaron Arbiter
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