The Shape of Things
By Neil LaBute The second show of BET’s 2006-2007 season portrayed the lives of four individuals facing the issues of love, art, commitment, change, and sacrifice. The objective of this piece was not one of worldwide social relevance, but to address a very human quality in people, which in many ways is the reason we create and perform art in the first place: the desire to be treasured and loved. What do we do to earn the love of those around us? Of ourselves? What do we sacrifice, change, or give up for this seeming holy grail of human emotion?
The cast and crew of The Shape of Things expanded the boundaries of possibilities of where, when and how to perform theatre. An ensemble building experiment requiring a scant $300 budget, a furiously paced three-week rehearsal and tech period, and the use of a little known space at The Wasserman Cinematheque, The Shape of Things broke all preconceived notions regarding low budget and project driven theater.
Sarah Jacobs, Ilya Sobol, Brian Melcher and Dana Padgett
Sarah Jacobs and Ilya Sobol
Brian Melcher and Dana Padgett
November 18th 2006- November 19th 2007
Wasserman Cinematheque

Produced by Melissa Mollen
Directed by David Pepose
Stage Managed by Suri Ellerton and Lynda Bachman


Brian Melcher ’10 – Adam
Dana Padgett ’08 – Evelyn
Ilya Sobol ’08 - Phillip
Sarah Jacobs ’09 – Jenny

Dana Padgett
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