Matt "I'm Special" Francis:

Likes: colors that end in "urple", bad hair pieces, and "dvd's", the red sox
Dislikes: monkeys that masquerade as arangotangs, the yankees, the masturbating bear from the conan o'brien show
Loves: The ladies.
Height: 6'0", but its not the 6' im worried about, its the 0". it works better with a bigger number, like somewhere between 9-11"
Age: almost 21, well, not really. i wont be 21 until february 8, 2006, and i wont be able to rent a car until 2010

I came home, late one night, and my eyes took in an eirie sight, it was the mash. it was the monster mash, a monster bash, they did a grave yard smash. and then some other stuff happened. then i fell down a lot and people started to laugh, so i thought, i should fall down more, and here i am, thanks to an admissions error, at prestigious Brandeis University, founded by Luios Brandeis 7 years after his death, in an improv called "bad grammer" because none of us can really speak english all too goodly, and gorman can't speel. i mean the "e" is in there because it is witty! good cover, i think they bought it. you can usually find me single and alone, and crying myself to sleep, and if you want to change that, and are a single female, then please feel free to find my phone number some how and call me. otherwise, i dont need your pitty.