Likes: Pirates, Sex, Green Day, Sex, Drugs, Sex, Money, Sex, and Kittens.
Dislikes: People who lie about their age, Ninja Robots, The Justice, People who undermine the excellence of Jersey.
Height: My license says I’m 5”11
Age: 37 & 23

Born on a tribal settlement in Jamaica, Gorman was first named “David Gorman” but then changed his name once he learned about Jamaica’s legal system. He then moved to New Jersey where he setup his secret base where he could pretend to do work, but actually just sit in his own filth. After moving to Brandeis he decided to get involved with a mentally retarded girl, named Matt Francis, and their love child, Bad Grammer, was born.

Gorman enjoys eating pineapple pizza, pink purses, lame headgear, thefacebook.com and all beef PB+J sandwiches. When not playing guitar with his feet or outside on the loading dock, you can find Gorman running from commitment, and running to illegal substances.