Likes: not having mono, hitting people, falco, that old time rock and roll, christmas, hermit crabs
Dislikes: jews, seafood, not getting any action whatsoever at brandeis even though my mono test came back negative
Height: taller than leor just like everyone else
Age: i'm old enough to buy porn and go to strip clubs

Background: As a child my family moved a lot because we were with the witness protection program. I've lived in Danville, California; Lagos, Nigeria (that's in Africa. I'm exotic); Mandeville, Louisiana (30 minutes away from the party that is New Orleans); and Sugarland, Texas (where Tom Delay is from....kill).

My hands, like Ethan's nipples, are very small like a carnie's. I got laid over Rosh Hashana and Gorman didn't. Trampolines are fun!

...ethan, i don't know what baseball diamond you play on, but touching underwear is not generally considered 3rd base. and if it is, you just broke your rule, so you must die. this isn't part of the bio by the way.