Likes: Jurassic Park 3, fetuses, bad poetry, and putting kitties in the microwave. and puppies.
Dislikes: medicine, public transportation, cilantro, numbers, vomiting closets, girls that squeal, swallowing, and when people say "of-ten" instead of "of-fen."
Height: short
Age: ripe

Leah is half hick and half hippie. She often times enjoys cowtipping in birkenstocks and offroading in old dirty pickup trucks to flowery meadows where she sing songs about love, peace, and fertilizer.
Her favorite color is blue. She is very popular among lesbians and old people.
Her favorite color is green. She plays the flute, but has never attended band camp.
Her favorite color is yellow. Her favorite places are Madrid, San Fransisco, Buenos Aires, and Stop and Shop.
Her favorite color is red.