Likes: Ponies, sunsets, and anger (but not in that order).
Dislikes: Overacheivers.
Cereal Killer: yeah, but don't forget God, system administrators love to use God, it is that whole male ego thing
Phantom Phreak: Serial, you ate all my fries, you owe me another pack
Cereal Killer: It wasn't me it was Joey.
Joey: I'mah gonna hit you.

Born in the back waters of North Carolina Misha learned at an early age to hunt and fish and kill. Living on the outskirts of society Misha was uninitiated into the ways of man, and was more of a wolf creature, a wolfen if you will. As a wolfen he used his enormous power of hunting to colonize a large group of voles who gave him the money to go to college. Since attending Brandeis Misha has adapted well to society, and with the exception of thinking that War and murder are the answer to every question and/or statement in his intro to Anthropology class, there has been relatively little to no mishaps. Ending on this note it is worthwhile to say: "MISHA MILLER-SISSON IS ANGRY."