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She looks like the type of girl that will stay up allll night

...because she’s nocturnal.

    The Blowfish, the bi-weekly humor periodical that you are currently reading, can now also be read on-line (which is what are currently doing), at www.blowmyfish.com (don’t you get it, you’re there already). This is a move that equals, and maybe even surpasses, The Blowfish’s move from being scrawled in the dirt of Chapel Field to being printed on paper. The move was made possible by the F-Board, who gave The Blowfish the necessary and copious funds to support the site in its adorable infancy and into hideous young adulthood. As such, you can look at this website and notice that we’ve filled out a bit over the summer. 
    So rest easy, good students, knowing that your tuition dollars are being spent by guys making jokes about dicks and midyears (no, they are not one and the same). Now you can read your favorite newspaper online, in between watching that one kid play “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert mode and “2 girls, 1 cup” for the fifth time. The Internet has not seen a phenomenon of this caliber since e-mail, or sliced e-bread. 
    Of course, this will not stop the handsome men and women from stuffing issues in your face as you run down Rabb Steps, trying desperately to reach your next class. I mean seriously, even if you’re not going to read it, it makes a good hat. 
    This is one more step, in our opinion, on the long path toward getting secured. As our fellowship continues onward, we must continue trying to sneak our move towards security past the all-seeing eye of Lord Reinharz, and pray it doesn’t corrupt us all. The storm has begun. Stand with us. 
    Just to re-iterate, THIS IS NOT A JOKE (obviously). For examples of jokes, see the rest of the paper. We do more here than just tell dumb jokes. We take our job as honest newsmen (and women) seriously. Because if we don’t report the story after The Justice and before The Hoot, then your pizza is free. And that’s a promise.http://www.blowmyfish.comshapeimage_4_link_0


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