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Why did the book join the police department?

So it could work undercover!

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The Brandeis basketball team celebrated not only their victory on the court, but their victory over voice-cracking and acne.

Doesn’t Plan on Voting
    New York Governor Elliot Spitzer was linked to a prostitution ring this past week, shaking the very foundation of a state known for its lack of corruption and controversy. While most had assumed Spitzer was in trouble for hiring prostitutes, it turns out Spitzer himself was being hired for a night of “dirty sex and hardcore legislation.” 
    Spitzer’s reputation among New York state legislators is notorious, The Blowfish discovered through some old-fashioned muckracking. State Representative Michelle Schimel described him as “a man who knows the political value of showing a little backside.” A senator who prefers to remain anonymous (and apparently very kinky) gave a more...endowed explanation. For his interview and full color pictures, see our website at Let’s just say that you’ll never look at an appropriations bill the same way again. 
    The detective who broke the case, Guy Snooker, allowed us into his smoke-filled office to explain his work on the case. “The whole thing started when Spitzer walked in, without knocking. He was wearing black fishnets and a skirt that made me think he’d just come from standing on a street corner, selling his own special skills. He sat on my desk, crossed his legs, and loosened his tie. From the waist up you could almost believe he was a normal politician. He still hadn’t explained himself, so I put my feet up and said, ‘What the hell are you doing in my office Spitzer, I told you if you came back here I’d shoot you right in the heart.’ And why not? He’d broken mine, so http://www.blowmyfish.comshapeimage_36_link_0

A night with this stud will cost you some good money, or a promise to vote for his next resolution.