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Business Dynamics (BUS 276a):Syllabus
Applications of System Dynamics (BUS 286a):  Syllabus
Operations Management (BUS 272a):Syllabus
Supply Chain Mangement (BUS 273f):Syllabus
Global Outsourcing (BUS274f):Syllabus

MIT Sloan School of Management

System Dynamics II (15.872)
Operations Management (15.761)
System Dynamics for Business Policy (15.874)

MIT Engineering Systems Division

System Dynamics for Engineers (ESD.74)

Teaching Materials

Morrison, J. B. (2010). The Dyna-Man Management Flight Simulator, User Guide, Teaching Case, and Supporting Materials. Management flight simulator to support teaching on process improvement, including teaching case, user instructions for the simulator, and supporting materials.
Instructions / Workshop / Simulator

Morrison, J. B. (2006). Mini Case: Boston Bites. Teaching case for System Dynamics.

Morrison, J. B. (2006). Finding the Starting Equilibria for Your Models. Simulation models and workshop materials for System Dynamics.
Equilibrium Models: One / Two / Three

Morrison, J. B. (2005). Cal's Calzones. Teaching case for Operations Management.

IBS Orientation: Beer Game

IBS Beer Game from BrandeisIBS on Vimeo.


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