Welcome to BOMHA

Thanks to all of you who signed up at the meeting ! Sara and I
feel it was a success, and we look forward to the future. We hope
for everyone to get to know each other on a first name basis so we can
fully get together to attain the goals we have for BOMHA. Remember that
BOMHA is a work in progress-EVERYONE has a voice and ANYONE can make a

Please email me, meghan@brandeis.edu if you would like to become more actively involved
in any of the events. For instance, if you would like to help set up for
any of the nights, or if you have any ideas for how any of the nights
are set up.

                                                                                 -Meghan Carter


Recent Events: Mental Health Awareness week!

A cozy crowd showed up for mental health legal discussion

Senator Robert Antonioni                     Former Legislators giving their point of views