Talya Davidoff

I'm a rising senior at good ol' Brandeis University who loves being on stage because I have a big ego, ok?!?!?!?!?!

Creative Writing and Psychology double major; Theater minor. Secretary of Boris' Kitchen Sketch Comedy Troupe and co-pres of Bad Grammer [sic], a Brandeis improv group. I love my dog Beenja and also other things like my family and MOST OF ALL, YOU

Paul Gale

Paul loves comedy a whole ton. It helps him deal with sadness both in and out of his control.

Briana Bensenouci

Briana likes cats, dancing, cheese, Britney Spears, and the color pink. Raised in Burlington, Massachusetts, Briana made the long 20 minute drive to attend Brandeis University at the ripe young age of 18. There, she was kidnapped by a group of drug dealers who operated under the guise of Boris' Kitchen, a seemingly harmless collegiate sketch comedy troupe. She hasn't been seen since.

Ben Setel

Ben's just this guy, you know?

Yoni Bronstein

Yoni Bronstein is a junior in Boris' Kitchen. Some of his favorite things about BK include Jenga, dead animals, deer, pesto sauce, scissors and chocolate bars. He also likes Asia Wok's springrolls, so thank you Asia Wok for your spring rolls.

Sadrach Pierre

I'm a simple guy. I like simple guy things. Most of all I really love me. It's weird I know because it's me. I owe millions!!!!!

Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight is a member of a lot of clubs and likes to perform a lot (but Boris' Kitchen is his favorite, shhhh...). He is from Pelham, NH and is going to Major in Mathematics and Minor in Theatre and/or Computer Science (or not, he also likes to change his mind). On his free time he enjoys wrestling bears. His shirt size is a medium.

Peter Charland

Peter is a sophomore at Brandeis studying English and Sociology. He loves sketch comedy writing and performing and wants comedy to always be a part of his life.

Rachel Benjamin

Rachel is a really cheesy person. She especially likes swiss and provolone on sandwiches but also loves a really good soft cheese that's all gushy inside. She also likes to sing (particularly in Manginah) and is probably going to end up being an English major. you can go read something else cooler then Rachel's bio. She won't take it personally.