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All New, All Original Sketch Comedy!

How can I get involved with Boris' Kitchen?
Well, start by being funny. If you write funny, you should check out our writing team.
To get on our mailing lists, you should've clicked the Join link.

What if I'm not comfortable on stage?
Well, do you still want to do sketch comedy?

Well, that's not really a question.

Okay. So what if I'm not really comfortable on stage, but I still want to be part of Boris' Kitchen?
Much better. There's always something YOU can do to help out with a Boris' Kitchen show. And they don't even require getting up on a stage in front of a bazillion people. Just e-mail JAxel and she'll let you know how to get involved in the next show.

Is it true that Boris' is the oldest member of the U.T.C.?
Yessir, it is. In fact, we helped found it.


Okay, fine... what the hell is the U.T.C.?
The UTC is Undergraduate Theatre Collective. It consists of five theater groups based at Brandeis University and allows us to share things like equipment, performance space, and even techies. You can check out the official UTC site for more information.

When do you guys perform?
We do three main shows a year, and occasionally dabble in some smaller work. Basically, you can expect two shows in the fall. Our Old Shit Show typically takes place in October, showcasing some of our favorite sketches from years past. The other two shows take place in early December and late April. These shows are our full-out extravaganza shows and can be anything from a full-length presentation of new work to a festival including various groups from on and off campus.

Will Boris' Kitchen perform at MY on-campus event?
Yes! Yes we will. Well, we might. The person in charge of that is the President. Right now the President is JoshuaLouisSimon. Just ask. It can't hurt to ask.

But what if I have an event somewhere besides Brandeis? Will Boris' perform there, too?
Oh, of course! As a matter of fact, you should e-mail our Vice President David Klasko because the VP is in charge of coordinating off campus performances.

How can I get tickets?
Well, lucky for you, our Old Shit Show not only requires no ticket, but happens to be free. We're that generous. For the other two big shows, tickets are available the week before the show in the Usdan Student Center. And at the door before each show.
And if you still can't get enough of Boris' sign up for our publicity mailing list, and we'll let you know when we'll be making surprise appearances.

Thanks. Now I am smarter.
Yes. You are!

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