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Mailing Lists

We've got two e-mail mailing lists, one for publicity and one for membership. The publiciiy list will deliver announcements relevant to people who want to stay informed of when and where Boris' will be appearing next. The membership list includes announcements of meetings, rehearsals, and various other items relevant only to people who wish to act as members of the troupe.

To join either list, simply enter your e-mail address in the box below and choose your list.

E-Mail Address:
Publicity List    Membership List


Another good way to join Boris' is to be involved in a show. We have all sorts of ways to be involved, as a writer, an actor, a technician, or part of the directorial staff. Anyone can be involved in our shows, though acting roles are often limited so while we're committed as a group to giving stage time to those who want it, we simply cannot promise everyone a starring role. Your best bet, if you're interested in show involvement would be to watch the membership mailing list for announcements of show meetings. Arrive at the meeting, introduce yourself and, just like that, you're a part of the magic.

For more information on how you can be a part of Boris' Kitchen, e-mail Mike Martin and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.

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