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All New, All Original Sketch Comedy!

Hey! I Write Comedy!

Boris' Kitchen is always on the lookout for the best material. The sketches used in our shows come from two sources - individual authors who submit their work to Boris' Kitchen Writing Team, and from the Boris' Kitchen Writing Team itself. We encourage anyone who is interested to join our Writing Team. Meetings are held before two months before two major new-material showcases. Times and locations will be posted when they become available. The writing team is reponsible for most of the material we put onstage.

To submit as an individual, you can be anyone. Really. We're not choosy about our friends. Even if all you have is an idea, if you really want to see it on stage, send it our way. But before you do, there are some things you should know:

- We're non-profit. We do it because we love it. No one, not our best writer, not our best actor, not the guy designing this web page, gets paid. Ever.

- All submissions go to the Writing Team where they are edited for content, length, and overall funnyness. While this generally doesn't change the sketch much, almost nothing we perform is 100% the brainchild of a single author. If the originator of a concept feels his/her idea has been taken in the wrong direction and refuses to see it performed in its edited version, we'll respect that and return the work unused. (NOTE: To date, this hasn't happened.) Otherwise, it goes to the stage as the Writing Team finalizes it.

- Not all ideas will see the stage. Sometimes it doesn't fit with the rest of the show, sometimes it doesn't fit with our overall artistic direction, and sometimes we're just jerks. No guarantees.

For more information on writing for Boris' Kitchen, contact Jaxel (The Writing Coordinator) and she'll be happy to help you.
The Writing team has finished writing new material for this schoolyear. We will be starting up again in October '06.

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