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Ph.D. in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University.


Visiting Graduate Student, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Studied Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages.


B.A. Magna Cum Laude with highest honors in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University. M.A. with high distinction in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University.




Keter Torah Award from the Boston Board of Jewish Education for Outstanding Contributions to Jewish Education.

1995, 1999

Mazar Research Grant.


Michael L. Walzer Award for Excellence in Teaching.


National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend.


American Philosophical Society Grant for Travel Abroad.


Bernstein-Perlmutter Fellowship from Brandeis University.

1981-2, 83-4

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Fellowship.


Lady Davis Fellowship.




Chair of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University.


Dora Golding Professor of Biblical Studies, Brandeis University.


Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University.


Associate Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University.


Assistant Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University.


Lecturer in Religious Studies, Yale University.


Instructor in Hebrew Bible, Wellesley College.



Fall 1997

Visiting Associate Professor, Program in Judaic Studies, Brown University.

Spring 1995

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Yale University.


Visiting Lecturer in Biblical Hebrew, Middlebury College.




Instructor for Me’ah Online.


Professor in Meah Program, Commission for Jewish Continuity.


Professor in Wexner Heritage Jewish Adult Education Program.

1987, 89-91,93-96

Teacher of Hebrew College Adult Bible Study Group, Boston.


Professor at Skidmore College Summer Judaic Institute.





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Editor with Adele Berlin of The Jewish Study Bible (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003).


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With Anne Golub Hoffman, Reading Through the Lens of Gender: A Special Issue of Prooftexts, 2000.

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"Unresolved and Unresolvable Problems in Interpreting the Song," Boston University Conference on the Song of Songs.


"Teliological and Cyclical Time in the Hebrew Bible," University of Pennsylvania Conference on Time in Antiquity.


"Jewish Biblical Commentary" moderator and panel convener at Association for Jewish Studies.


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"The Influence of the Secular on the Religious in Ancient Israel," Bible and Constitutionalism Conference as part of celebration of bicentennial of U.S. constitution.


"The Position of Classical Hebrew in the Modern Hebrew Curriculum," National Association for Professors of Hebrew.



Invited lecture on Biblical Historiography as part of Jewish Historiography Workshop at University of Chicago.


Invited lecture on Jewish Biblical Theology at the Harvard University Divinity School.


"Women in the Psalms," Boston Theological Institute Old Testament Seminar.


"Academia and the Arts in Concert: A Discussion with Elizabeth Swados." (A symposium on women in the Bible as part of the celebration of Swados’ premiere of Bible Women at Brandeis University.)


"The Transition From Israelite Religion to Judaism," Boston Theological Institute Bible Colloquium.


"The Case of the Hebrew Bible," Looking at Jews through Two Eyes: A Conference in Celebration of Marshall Sklare’s New Book.


"Accommodation and Resistance to Imperialism in Ancient Israel," Brandeis University Conference on Martyrdom and Resistance.


"David, Saul and Samuel: Structure and Ideology," Boston Theological Institute Bible Colloquium.


"Bible as Myth, Bible as History," Hebrew Union College Conference on Current Academic Understanding of Judaica.


"Medieval Interpretation: Continuity and Innovation," Meyerhoff Lecture at the University of Maryland.


Interviewed on National Public Radio in November 1995 concerning the term "Atonement" in connection to the Million Man March.

Interviewed on episode concerning Abraham for Arts and Entertainment series, "Mysteries of the Bible" (aired January 1995). I also acted as a consultant for several episodes of that series.

Consultant for WGBH (Boston Public Television) documentary on the Ten Commandments.



Consultant for WGBH Nova program on the Bible as History.

Development of on-line instructional program of Bible pilot unit for Me’ah Program.

Development and publication of Me-ah Bible Curriculum through Boston Hebrew College.

Development and implementation of Me-ah on-line project for Boston Hebrew College.

Development(with William Schniedewind) of Macintosh Hypercard software for the instruction of Intermediate Biblical Hebrew at Brandeis University.

Participant in Ford Foundation Seminar on African Culture and the Humanities.



American Oriental Society.

American Schools for Oriental Research.

Association for Jewish Studies.

National Association for Professors of Hebrew.

Society for Biblical Literature.



Board of Directors, Association for Jewish Studies.

Fundraising Committee, Association for Jewish Studies.

Member of Steering Committee, Deuteronomistic History Group, Society of Biblical Literature.

Associate Editor, Journal of Biblical Literature.



Reviewed manuscripts for publication in Hebrew Union College Annual, Indiana University Press, Oxford University Press, Magnes Press (Israel), Hebrew Studies, Prooftexts, Pennsylvania State Press, Garland Press, Routledge Press, Jewish Publication Society, Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series, Society of Biblical Literature Monograph Series, Jewish Quarterly Review, Journal of Biblical Studies, Journal of Religion, Journal of the American Oriental Society, Prooftexts.

On editorial board of Religions and Discourse Series, published by Peter Lang.

Bible Editor for Journal of the American Oriental Society (through 12/00) and Journal of Biblical Literature.

Member of planning committee, New England Society for Biblical Literature (1989-93) and Chair of Old Testament Section, Regional Society of Biblical Literature Conference (1990).

Head of Bible Section of Association for Jewish Studies (1998-2001).

Chair of sessions at the annual meetings of the Association for Jewish Studies 1986, 88, 94, 98) and Society of Biblical Literature (1997, 98, 00).

Reviewed grant applications for the NEH Summer Stipends, NEH Special Projects, NEH Collaborative Research Projects, Buntings Institute of Radcliffe College, National Foundation for Jewish Culture.

Outside reader on dissertations from: University of Chicago, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Outside evaluator for tenure and promotion (names are confidential).




Freshman Humanities Course, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Prophecy, Women and the Hebrew Bible (cross-listed with Women’s Studies), Biblical Narrative Texts (Hebrew Text Course), Biblical Poetic Texts (Hebrew Text Course), Song of Songs (Hebrew Text Course), Psalms (Hebrew Text Course), Biblical Wisdom Literature, Love Poetry of the Hebrew Bible, Biblical Historical Texts, Genesis in Jewish and Critical Interpretation (seminar), Intensive Introductory Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew Texts and Grammar.


Dead Sea Scrolls, Samuel, Hosea, Amos, Biblical Religion, Jewish Medieval Biblical Commentary, Genesis: A Study in Method, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Biblical Historiography, Introduction to Akkadian, Biblical Hebrew Composition, Reading and Teaching the Hebrew Bible (co-taught with Danny Margolis for the Hornstein Program).




Member of Faculty Committee on Disabilities


Member of the CST subcomittee on teaching prizes.


Member of Education Committee.


Member of the Committee for the Support of Teaching (CST).


Member of the CST subcommittee on teaching evaluations.


Member of Provost Search Committee.


Member of Intellectual Property Committee.


Member of Bernstein-Marcus Selection Committee.


Member of Provost’s Advisory Council.


Member of Bronfman Committee (IJE).


Chair of Graduate Program of NEJS.


Developed Departmental Website.


Member of Dorot Fellows Selection Committee.


Board member of International Research Institute for Jewish Women.


Member of Sachar Scholarship Selection Committee.


Member of Departmental GTR Committee.


Member of Task Force on Jewish Education (Mandel).


Member of Steering Committee on Jewish Education (Mandel).


Member of Planning Committee for Women and the Bible Symposium.


Member of Committee on Learning Disabilities.

1993-95, 97

Participant in Graduate Student Orientation (taught focus groups on TA Professor Relations and on leading discussions).


Member of Ad Hoc Committee on Study Abroad.


Member of Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity at Brandeis.


Main author of brochure on graduate studies in NEJS at Brandeis.


Member of the Educational Policy Committee.


Member of the Graduate Fellowships Abroad Committee.


Undergraduate Advising Head for Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.


Member of Faculty Committee on Computers and the Library.


Member Brandeis Admissions Faculty Advisory Committee.


Co-chair of Board of Overseers of Undergraduate Fellows Program.


Main author of brochure on graduate studies in NEJS at Brandeis.


Member of Faculty Senate.


Member of Board of Overseers of Undergraduate Fellows Program.

1988-1990, 1991-93

Mentor in Undergraduate Fellows Program.


Member of Library Select Acquisition Committee.

1988-1991, 93-97

Freshman advisor.


Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jewish Studies Program at Yale.