Brandeis University Hawai'i 'Ohana



Constitution of "Na Hoaaloha o Hawai'i"

Article I. Purpose

The Purpose of the Brandeis University Hawai'i 'Ohana (BUHO) is to perpetuate the knowledge of Hawaiian culture and tradition within the Brandeis community and to spread the spirit of Aloha. BUHO's priorities will also be welcoming incoming Brandeis students from Hawaii and other Pacific islands and aiding in their adjustment to life in New England.

Article II. Membership

Section 1: BUHO is open to all members of the Brandeis community.
Section 2: BUHO will not discriminate against members on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual preference, class, age, nationality, or physical disability.
Section 3: Potential members of BUHO must attend a minimum of two official meetings in order to be officially recognized as a member and to receive voting privileges.

Article III. Executive Board Officers and Responsibilities

Section 1: The Senior Director is responsible for establishing and maintaining all correspondence with the state of Hawai'i as well as internationally. S/he is also responsible for running all official club meetings. However, in case of her/his absence the Treasurer shall run the meeting followed by the Secretary. S/he is reponsible for advertising and fundraising within the Brandeis community. S/he is also the official representative to the Brandeis University Student Senate and to other Brandeis clubs and offices. S/he is also the official club representative to all agencies outside the Brandeis community including other Hawai'i clubs. S/he is also responsible for coordinating activities with other organization and for any advertisement outside of Brandeis University. The Senior Director is the central leadership component of BUHO. This officer will take responsibility for the actions of all other Executive Board officers. Her/his responsibilites are scheduling meetings, overseeing the production and scheduling of all BUHO events and the overseeing of the club's budget.
Section 2: The Treasurer is responsible for establishing and maintaining the BUHO bank account which includes filing all receipts and tracking all money. However, s/he must have approval from the Senior Director prior to making transactions. S/he must create an annual budget and a projected budget for the upcoming year. Finally, s/he must update the Executive Board regularly on the balance of the account and oversee all of BUHO's funding efforts.
Section 3: The Secretary records all official club meetings and keeps members up-to-date on all club matters and activities.
Section 4: The Webmaster is responsible for the manufacture and updating of all web content pertaining to BUHO.
Section 5: The ICC Representative is responsible for attending all ICC Programming Board meetings. S/he serves as BUHO's voice to all other ICC clubs. S/he is also responsible for updating all club members of Brandeis Intercultural festivities.

Article IV. Selection of Club Officers

Section 1: The positions of Senior Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and Webmaster are all elected positions. Elections for these positions shall be held annually during the latter portion of the spring semester.
Section 2: Only official members of BUHO may participate in the selection of club officers.

Article V. Impeachment of Club Officers

Section 1: In extreme cases, a motion may be made by a member of BUHO to have an officer's performance evaluated. If the motion is passed, the Executive Board is then responsible for an investigation and evaluation of the fellow officer.
Section 2: After a thorough investigation, the Executive Board must then present their findings and their proposed resolution to BUHO at an official club meeting without the evaluated officer present.
Section 3: Where impeachment is recommended by the Executive Board, an additional two-thirds majority of official club members is also necessary to proceed with the removal of an officer. This will be carried out by a majority vote.

Article VI. Nature of Club Meetings

Section 1: Club meetings shall be held on a weekly basis and more or less often if necessary excluding periods when the club is idle during breaks. The Executive Board will convene as often as needed.
Section 2: First, announcements pertaining to BUHO will be presented by the Senior Director.
Section 3: Any extranneous matters will then be further discussed.

Article VII. Amending the Constitution

Section 1: The BUHO Constitution will be amended by the Executive Board as deemed necessary.