Investing Resources

This section contains links to our commonly used investment research and education sites.


Starter Research Tools
Yahoo Finance Yahoo Finance is the classic first stop source for stock quotes, charts,news, market data, industry information, and many other useful investment information. It also has a fair amount of educational information.
Google Finance Google's attempt at a finance portal. More effective interface than Yahoo, but less information. Its most notable feature is its inclusion of news in their time based price chart of stocks.
MSN Money MSN Money is a news source with information that can move the markets. It has both high and low level data and analysis of stocks.
ADVFN This site brings together many useful metrics and ratios. Great for a quick overview of a company's financial health.
Advanced Reseach Tools (require UNET login)
Investext Plus Thompson Database that provides full equity research reports from large banks on huge array of companies.
Thompson Data Thompson Database that provides historical SEC data. Very useful for building models.
NetAdvantage Standard & Poor's industry surveys.

Recommended Books

Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis


TraderMike Trader Mike runs one of the most extensive blogs, combining day trading techniques, market recaps, technical analysis, risk management, and tons of links.
Howard Lindzon Howard Lindzon is a hedge fund manager who specializes in tech. His content is varied but insightful.
AlphaTrends A trader's blog focusing on technical analysis.


Investopedia The encyclopedia of internet investment education. This should be your first stop to clear up any questions about basic concepts.
Bill Cara Blog Bill Cara's site serves both as a frequently updated blog, as well as a comprehensive research on basic investment information.