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John Burt
Department of English MS023
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02254
241 Rabb Hall
ph: (781) 736-2158
burt at brandeis dot edu

Courses: Nineteenth Century American Literature, American Gothic and American Romance, American Realism and Naturalism, Romanticism, Love and Death in the Creative Imagination, Fiction of the Second World War, Slavery in the American Imagination, Race and Reaction: Writing Reconstruction after the Civil War, Slanted Truths and Barbaric Yawps: Poetry in the Age of Whitman and Dickinson, Fiction of William Faulkner, Race, Region and Religion in the Fiction of the Twentieth Century South, Supreme Fictions: Modernism and After in American Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Theories of Justice from Plato to Rawls, Humanities 1 (The Iliad, Greek Tragedy, and the Bible), Introduction to Literary Method, Twentieth Century American Literature, American Fiction since World War II, Pedagogy, American and English Romanticism, American Poetry,

Research Interests: American Poetry, American Romanticism, Lincoln, American Political Oratory, American Slavery, English Romanticism, Nineteenth Century American Fiction, Twentieth Century American Fiction, American Realism and Naturalism, Modern Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Fiction of the South, Philosophy and Literature

Literary Executor for Robert Penn Warren

CV (.pdf)
CV (.html)


Selected Syllabi

  • The Fierce Urgency of Now: Some Poetry in English Since 1945
  • Supreme Fictions: American Poetry of the Modernist Era and After
  • Race and Reaction: Writing Reconstruction After the Civil War
  • Slavery in the American Imagination
  • Fiction of the Second World War
  • Barbaric Yawps and Slanted Truths: Nineteenth Century American Poetry
  • Love and Death in the Creative Imagination
  • Race, Region, and Religion in the Twentieth Century American South
  • Poetry: A Basic Course
  • Theories of Justice from Plato to Rawls
  • Second-Generation Romantic Poetry
  • Rintrah roars & shakes his fires in the burdend air;
    Hungry clouds swag on the deep
    (caricature by Aaron Kagan)

    Selected Old Papers

  • Reason Also is Choice: Reflection, Freedom, and the Euthyphro Problem (.html)
  • Reason Also is Choice: Reflection, Freedom, and the Euthyphro Problem (.pdf)
  • John Rawls and the Moral Vocation of Liberalism (review of Political Liberalism) (.pdf) 1993
  • Tyranny and Faction in The Federalist(.pdf) 1991
  • review of God and the American Writer by Alfred Kazin (.pdf) 1997
  • Contribution to "Becoming Historical: Twentieth Century Literature at Century's End" (.pdf) 2000

  • Composition Materials

  • Article
  • Learning to Write: The Narrative of Frederick Douglass (.pdf)

  • Materials for Writing Instructors (Very old, and not about the current program, but still of interest, I hope!)
  • Idea Book
  • Idea Book (.pdf)
  • Idea Book (volume 2) (Persuasion)(.pdf)
  • Idea Book (volume 3) (Process Analaysis) (.pdf)
  • Idea Book (volume 4) (Journals. Research papers) (.pdf)
  • Ideas about teaching sentences (.pdf)
  • Ideas about teaching paragraphs (.pdf)
  • Ideas about the writing process: thesis-forming, brainstorming, revision (.pdf)

  • Sermons and Talks

  • Thoughts on "The American Scholar" (Brandeis Phi Beta Kappa address, 1999) (.pdf)
  • Graduating in the Humanities (1995) (.pdf)
  • Editing Robert Penn Warren's Poetry (Robert Penn Warren Circle, 1996) (.pdf)
  • Faith, Knowledge and Freedom (.pdf)
  • Three Inaugural Addresses (.pdf)
  • Mary and Leda (.pdf)
  • God's Tirade in Job (.pdf)
  • The Sacrifice of Isaac (.pdf)
  • News and Knowledge (.pdf)

  • Computer Software

    Released under the LaTeX Project Public License

    poemscol.sty: A LaTeX package for typesetting critical editions of poetry.
    Features: automatic line numbering, multiple series of endnotes tied to line numbers, automatic table of contents, automatic marking of cases where stanza breaks fall on page breaks, running headers of the form "Textual Notes to pp. xx--yy" in the notes sections, index of titles and first lines.

  • archive (includes software, manual, installation file, and source)
  • Manual (pdf)
  • LaTeX dtx file
  • LaTeX ins file

  • endheads.sty: A LaTeX package for providing running headers of the form "notes to pp. xx--yy" for users of endnotes.sty
  • Manual (pdf)
  • LaTeX dtx file
  • LaTeX ins file

  • edmargin.sty: edmargin provides multiple endnotes sections with running headers of the form "Notes to pp. xx--yy" for critical editions. Rather than having endnote marks in the text, edmargin puts markers in the margins referring to the page in the endnotes sections to which the note refers.
  • includes some support files
  • Manual (pdf)
  • LaTeX dtx file
  • LaTeX ins file

  • brandeis-dissertation.cls: A LaTeX class for formatting dissertations at Brandeis
  • Manual (pdf)
  • LaTeX dtx file
  • LaTeX ins file
  • LaTeX cls file

  • Miscellaneous TeXware
  • sample2e.tex: a simple LaTeX file
  • template for Brandeis business cards
  • logo for Brandeis business cards

  • Slideshows

  • Introduction to LaTeX
  • Introduction to BibTeX and Bibdesk
  • Zotero for LaTeX users
  • Introduction to poemscol

  • Links

  • Brandeis Home Page
  • English Dept. Home Page
  • Iveria, my singing group