Welcome to Brandeis China Care Club. The club is a student-run organization that supports China Care Foundation, Inc. to save and improve the lives of medically fragile orphaned children in China. Fall 2010 is the first semester for the Brandeis China Care Club and we are excited to get the campus involved. Throughout the semester we will conduct various fundraising events for specific orphans or the China Care Foundation in general.

We hope to start our own Dumplings Playgroup for adopted Chinese children in the Greater Boston area. The goal of this program would be to increase the children’s awareness and appreciation for their Chinese language and cultural heritage and to provide a venue where adoptive families can meet and network.

Coupled with our Dumplings Playgroup, we also hope to start a mentoring program for adopted Chinese adolescents. This program would allow our China Care Club members to be assigned an adopted Chinese adolescent in aims of increasing the child’s awareness and appreciation for their Chinese cultural heritage.

The Brandeis China Care Club also hopes to take part in the China Care Volunteer Program which gives members the opportunity to provide hands-on care to children at the China Care Home in Beijing.

Upcoming Events:

  1. BulletWeekly meeting: Thursday 02/03 at 7pm in the ICC

Check our events page for more information!

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