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"In the spirit of those who fought for freedom nearly a few centuries ago in Concord, Massachussetts, and with the pledge to carry forth the philosophies and individual freedoms for which they sacrificed their lives, a new Concord Bridge is constructed just a few miles from the still-standing, ever symbolic North Bridge in Concord -- a publication dedicated to limited government, maximum individual freedom and, in the spirit of Brandeis University, true social justice."

Articles From the December Issue

    A Tale of Two Americas - By Jeffrey Fowler
"The South is not much different from other areas of the nation with regard to its racial or gender politics."

    All Endings Are Also Beginnings - By Justin Gelfand
"The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom"

    Dread and Envy - By Tobias Harris
"Two significant questions remain. First, is America currently an empire? Second, if it is not an empire, what is it?"

    In Search of Freedom - By Justin Gelfand
"Concord Bridge, the historic landmark a few miles from Brandeis, marks the first victory of the American Revolution..."

    Light on the Future - By Gary Padula
"The question before the American people is whether they are once again ready to accept the benefits of nuclear energy."

    Rocket Science - By Tak-Hin Benjamin Ngan
"The world will eventually be able to benefit from a more efficient space industry because of Chinaís entry to the market."

    The Power of Ideas - By Tobias Harris
"It is manís personal duty, commanded not by the laws of any government but by common humanity, to lift these unfortunates up..."
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