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Articles From the October Issue

    Breaking Down the School Doors - By Herschel Hartz
"It would seem logical that if competition is seen as positive in business, it should also help to improve crumbling schools."

    America on the Stand - By Justin Gelfand
"The industry is using the court system to undermine democracy and achieve its objectives..."

    Funding Anti-Americanism - By Justin Peck
"...an education based solely upon one-sided condemnations of American policy will fail to be effective..."

    Refitting the Nonproliferation Shield - By Tobias Harris
"As the cliché goes, everything changed on September 11. Unfortunately, the international institutions concerned with preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons have not changed, despite the obvious risk posed by nuclear-armed rogue states partnered with terrorist organizations. The United States must act now to ensure a reliable international nonproliferation system, before the impalpable becomes frightfully real."

    Framing the Future of Iraq - By Borjan Zic
"Like West Germany, Iraq is attempting a transition from totalitarian one-party rule to a stable democracy built on the rule of law."

    Shaping the Perfect Classroom - By Jason Cohen
"Beneficial dialogue is impossible without a truly diverse class – one with diversity of thought and differing political and philosophical ideologies."

    A Burning Light - By Jeff Fowler
"It is man’s personal duty, commanded not by the laws of any government but by common humanity, to lift these unfortunates up..."

    Vox Populi - By Kevin Grinberg
"In the spirit of free political discourse, and with the pledge to create an open forum for constructive disagreement, the editorial board of Concord Bridge publishes “Vox Populi.” We energetically welcome submissions. We accept any and all political and philosophical sentiments. Viewpoints printed here may not necessarily represent the views of the Concord Bridge staff-at-large, and the Editorial Board does not specifically endorse any opinions expressed herein."

Articles From the May Issue

   A Court Without Laws - By Robert Brickman
"Americans have a responsibility to keep accountability and government in the hands of the people, a sacred right which should never be surrendered."

   A Delicate Moment - By The Editors
"The sense of freedom is one of the most powerful emotions a person can feel, the realization that one can think, say and write whatever one wants without having to fear fascist thugs waiting to haul one away to unspeakable dungeons and certain death."

   Death and Hope In Oran - By Borjan Zic
"Camus indicates that the plague, representative of evil, destruction and human suffering, can always recur unless those combating it continue to be vigilant in their struggle."

   Gulliver Unbound - By Tobias Harris
"Accordingly, security multilateralism is increasingly asymmetrical, with the United States forced to respect the input of nations that do not even possess the technology that would allow them to share the battlefield with the United States military. At what point does asymmetrical multilateralism cease being multilateral and become the mediocre acting to restrain the supremely capable?"

   One Last Thing - By Anton Pribysh
"What is the UN? A combination of a few enlightened states, a few stubborn first world socialist nations, and countless other regimes, many of whom show no respect for their own people."

   Or Abridging the Freedom of Speech - By Justin Gelfand
"But like a burning flag, a neo-Nazi march, a segregationist rally or any other form of unpopular speech, the right of free-speech should trump the potential danger a symbol could pose."

Articles From the February Issue

   Ending the Embargo - By Jeff Fowler
"Castro is no angel, but to single him and his people out for a punishment so far out of balance with his alleged threat is ridiculous."

   On Facism - By Borjan Zic
"In reacting agauinst liberalism, facism is founded on opposing values, the most important of which are a romantisism of the past, dictatorial government and a glorification of violence."

   Surmounting History - By Tobias Harris
"Perhaps the only consistent rule in history is that good fortune depends on having the right people in all the right places to make all the right decisions. Only time will reveal whether this is the case for our historical moment."

   Two Points For Honesty - Dishonesty in the Gun Control Debate
"...the integrity of one key component of the gun-control debate has been jeapordized by the two preeminent scholars on the polar ends of the debate. Professors Bellesiles and Lott are the two seemingly corrupt exceptions in a world of honest and repetitious research and exploration, but the consequences of their respective acts of academic dishonesty are grave."
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