Sunday, November 23, 2003

Targeting the Industry
A genre of legislation is making its way through the halls of Congress and state legislatures across the nation. Lawmakers are attempting to immunize gun manufacturers from being sued when guns are used and people are harmed as a result. The manufacturers themselves cannot logically be negligent in instances where their products - guns - cause harm when an individual uses/abuses the product without the product itself being flawed. It's analogous to suing Ford when a drunk driver kills someone in his mustang.

Gun manufacturers are vulnerable targets for lawsuits of this nature in the status quo. This reflects yet another emotional and irrational outcry in America's unconstitutional war against guns. When used defensively, guns save lives, and individuals who have the ethical right to life should also be secure in the ethical right to self-defense. Gun-control does not remove the right to self-defense, but effectively removes the mechanism by which an individual can adequitly defend him/herself.

The Legislative branch should move immediately to protect manufacturers from these expensive lawsuits, if only to not unfairly place the courts in the unfair position of having to allow families of victims - under due process - their day in court to jab at the maker of the gun used by a criminal.
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