Upcoming Events (Fall 04)

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Bragging Rights (Past Events)

  • April 2002 -- Party for Your Future 02

  • November 2002 -- Movie Night

  • February 2003 -- Campfire "retreat"

  • March 1-2 2003 -- Party for Your Future at Camp Cedar Hill in Waltham! We ran an overnight for 5th-6th graders!

  • March 7-9 2003 Campus Girl Scouts workshop for high school seniors. Contact Courtney for more information!

  • October 3-4 2003 -- Boston-area scouts got camp trained and began planning our Brownie Core Camp!

  • November 14 2003 -- Program Aide Training, where we trained, mentored, and hung out with Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts who then helped run our core camping weekend!

  • November 15-16 2003 -- "Ready, Set, Go Camping!" We trained program aides (PAs) on Friday, then Saturday and Sunday the CGS and PAs helped nearly 100 Brownies earn the camping Try-It and introduced them to camping and the out-of-doors.