Campus Girl Scouts of Brandeis University

To provide a forum for Brandeis students to become or stay involved with the Girl Scouts and to coordinate activities with the greater Boston area Girl Scouts.

Club leadership will be composed of the following positions:

*Ensures that club activities forward club goals
*Schedules meetings and other club activities
*Keeps minutes of general meetings and distributes periodic reports to club members

*Publicizes club meetings and events
*Maintains the club e-mail list
*Liaison between the Girl Scouts outside of the Brandeis community and the Campus Girl Scouts of Brandeis University

*Manages club expenditures and fundraising efforts
*Deals with the Brandeis student government and Allocations Board as needed

Task Forces
*Task Forces may be appointed for the planning of specific club activities

A member is defined as someone who 1) attends one or more meeting a month and/or joins a Task Force.

Club officers are elected annually, or as called for by the majority of the membership, by a simple majority of the membership.

General meetings will be held monthly. Special Task Forces will initiate additional meetings on an as?needed basis.

This constitution will be adopted through a majority vote.

Amendments to this constitution can be suggested by any club member. The amendment must be presented at the following general meeting and included in the minutes sent out for that meeting. A majority of the membership present at the meeting must approve for a vote to be held on the amendment, at which point a date will be set for the vote. The amendment requires a 2/3 vote in order to be enacted.

Statement of Non-Exclusivity
The Campus Girl Scouts of Brandeis University will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual preference, class, age, nationality, or physical disability. Any interested member of the Brandeis community is welcome to join us.